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royal park hotels - in harmony with the city

Royal Park Hotels offer continuity with the city - the beautiful scenery, the local culture, the unique people - even while providing the deep relaxation of a special guest treatment.

This resonance with the heartbeat of the city is but one of the amenities of Royal Park Hotels. We work to ensure that each guest enjoys the ultimate in relaxation and comfort. And above all, we seek to provide every guest with an unforgettable experience of hospitality.

Making familiar cities feel new and new cities feel familiar. Experience the joy of being in harmony with the city in a uniquely elegant space - Royal Park Hotels.

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Tohoku Area
  • Sendai Royal Park Hotel
Kanto Area
  • Royal Park Hotel (Tokyo, Nihonbashi)
  • Yokohama Royal Park Hotel
  • Royal Park Hotel The Shiodome (Tokyo)
  • Royal Park Hotel The Haneda (Tokyo)
Chubu Area
  • Royal Park Hotel The Nagoya
Kansai Area
  • Royal Park Hotel The Kyoto
Kyushu Area
  • Royal Park Hotel The Fukuoka

Excellent Food and Impreccable Service

Sendai Royal Park Hotel

- Sendai, Miyagi, Japan


A Constant Among the Changes

Royal Park Hotel (Tokyo)

- Nihonbashi, Tokyo, Japan


Brilliant Hotel in Center of Yokohama

Yokohama Royal Park Hotel

- Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan